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Metal Central TV - the best place to thrash your problems away!
05 Sep 2022

Metal Central TV is the best place we could recommend for all of our most hardcore rock content! Season 1 is ready to watch on Amazon Prime as we’ve said before, and it’s also live on Vimeo On-Demand! Season 2 is on the way as well, and though it might be a while before it’s all tuned up and as metal central as possible, we hope you won’t mind waiting. If anything, the anticipation might make for a more hardcore release party! Get hype for watching the latest event that metalheads the world over should be looking forward to, with some of these teaser trailers from the Production Department at Planet Blue Pictures! Every one of the four versions of these trailers have amassed a couple of thousand views each on the Blue Pie channel… so we figured we should give some love to the official Metal Central Youtube channel’s versions! After all, that’s the channel you wanna visit if you want to get some of these high octane riffs injected straight into your brainstem!

Hope we didn’t blow your brain out too much with all those thrashing trailers! Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo has the goods that you need if those looked promising to you. And Amazon Prime will soon be following suit! So what are you waiting for?! There’s always time for a rewatch of season one, and there’s plenty of great things to see on the Metal Central Youtube channel linked in the videos above.

Metal Central TV features the best international and Australian metal and rock acts from around the globe. We have documentaries, crazy tour videos, live concerts from the global independent music scene and of course some of the finest metal, heavy metal, classic rock, hard core and rock music from your favourite rock and metal acts… all in the comfort of your home! Streaming sure has made the music life nice, right? You’ll wanna watch this series again and again, so sit back and rock out here with Metal Central TV!

You want Vimeo On-Demand? Right here chief, all the metal central on vimeo you can handle.

Can’t get enough?!

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It’ll take a while, but when Metal Central season 2 comes out, especially on Amazon Prime, you can count on us to celebrate it with you! You’ll be the first to know. Be patient, the headbanging party of your life is around the corner…

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