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Metro4 unleash their new self-titled album to the world!
02 May 2012

Metro4 is a band of four people who know to dream. Every time they practice, rehearse, perform, they are living out a dream. A dream of making music, playing live, feeling the words and sounds with each passing frame.

This London, Ontario-based band is, itself, a mixed-tape—metropolitan you might say—but they come together as 4, Metro4, and create undeniable chemistry in their sound and shows. They understand each other, where to take their music and their fans, and how to get there. Not directions, but their collective feelings, guide them. With an alternative feel inspired by the likes of U2, Keane, Interpol, Coldplay, and Genesis, the group brings a rare European vibe. They pack emotion into their collaboratively written, powerful lyrics and bring a tight, energetic live show that they simply love performing. Light at heart but deep in substance, you may not dance, but you will certainly feel.

A few titles from the bands self titled most recent album include names such as “Little Sister”, “Still Moving” and “Shape of Your Smile”.

To show your support and check out this incredible album, just head on over to their iTunes page

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