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Michael Horsphol Nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards!
10 Mar 2011

One of Blue Pie’s most extraordinary talents, Michael Horsphol, has received a nomination for the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Our very own Tasmanian-born composer has been nominated in the Music Genre Category of Classical/Orchestra for his orchestral piece Germination (Gloria Natura Pt. 1). The awards ceremony will take place on November 17 later this year in Hollywood, California.

Michael Horsphol has featured his compositions in a number of placements around the world, including; the Discovery Channel, BBC3, National Geographic, ABC Documentaries and ABC TV and many more.

The music produced and composed by Horsphol will cause the listener to transcend time and space, through his soundscape-like qualities. Each and every single one of his compositions is crafted with a superior degree of musicianship and artistic integrity!

At present, Horsphol writes and produces for many of the artists on the Blue Pie roster.

We are SO incredibly proud of Michael on this great achievement!

For the full list of nominees and categories, head to the Hollywood Music in Media website.


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