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Mike C releases newest EP titled "Street Life"!
14 May 2012

Blue Pie are proud to announce the release of Mike C’s newest EP titled “Street Life”.

Mike C has been on the hip hop scene for 20 + years. Mike dispels any doubt when he steps up to the mic to let you know that he has a story to tell. These words of life and living and loving in a world that often overlooks the underclass has made Mike C a cult within his own community.

Mike C is already ready to step up to the plate to tell you how the real world is, this is Mike C and his ” Street Life ” all boiled down to a sonic blast that will leave you gasping for more and more of his pulsating poetic hip hop beats that only he can produce that is ” The Real Mike C “.

The album includes five tracks, that include titles such as “Ring the Bell”, “Jealous Fella’s”, and “Gonna Get It”.

To dig it, make sure you head over to Itunes! 

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