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Missy Crissy's return is on the horizon!
18 Aug 2020

The music video for Passenger that we recently reported on has put us in a Missy Crissy throwback mood!

It’s been a while since this amazing artist brought new stuff out, since Miss Behavin in 2019.

But we’ve got some exciting news for you all – she’s recording once again, and some new singles from her will soon be hitting the market! All major online retailers and streaming services will soon be hosting some more of this vocalist’s catchy passion, and we can’t wait… so much so, that we made a new website for her! Check it out!

Now you can see all the new updates and info you could possibly want, all in one Missy Crissy themed place! Or you could just keep your ear to the ground on her Spotify… either way, you know it’s gonna be tight!

As Damien Reilly, CEO of Blue Pie Records says:
“Missy is a rare talent and a vocalist that hits the note right in the middle. She has an incredible work ethic and success is now knocking on her door. We believe in her abilities not only as a vocalist but as an artist that can put on one hell of a show. Raz B has been with DJ Central scouting talent, so the credit goes to Raz for finding Missy!”

WATCH THIS SPACE! More Missy to come!

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