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MLU goes to the top of the radio charts in South Africa
14 Feb 2011


MLU goes to the top of the radio charts in South Africa …. AGAIN !. We get it … we dig it … we play it loud in the office and now it seems that South Africa is back to digging all things MLU and so they should. This is his native home town and the natives are tunning in. MLU’s single ” Wasn’t Here ” is now No 2 on the Kaya FM Charts. We urge all in cyber land to continue to vote and keep MLU on the charts. Lets do this people!!
With a heart of pure gold and a spirit that is pure love and light energy MLU is a voice that is best experienced live. Every time he performs more and more fans connect and pledge their allegiance to the one that has nothing but love and kindness in his heart for the world and his fellow man to enjoy. Go get them MLU, we will spread the word back here in Australia to all we can!!!
If you want to check out the station then you can visit Kaya FM – Kaya FM are one of the main radio networks. South Africa as a country does not have a real centralised chart system and Kaya FM is one of the closest things that represents a real overview of the market and what the people are tunning into and downloading. Dig It MLU and we are here for you.
For all the latest information on MLU you can visit his website at
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