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11 Jun 2009

June 2009 – Blue Pie signs Mlu to a world wide publishing and distribution agreement. We are very honoured to announce that Mlu has now joined Blue Pie in a more permanent capacity. Under the new agreement Blue Pie will be working with Mlu to produce a new album of original material that will be released by March 2010. Live dates will be announced in January with some warm up shows planned before Xmas this year. Hellmut Wolf and Damien Reilly will be working Mlu and the Blue Pie global network to help Mlu to reach a much wider market. As Hellmut Wolf says,

“Mlu is truly one the greatest voices that I have had the privilege to work with in the past 20 years”.

Mlu started with Blue Pie 3 years ago and now calls Blue Pie his musical home. For more information on Mlu you can check out his My Space page . Pictured are Damien Reilly, Mlu and Hellmut Wolf.

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