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More Cadillac Bill memey shenanigans are afoot! The show is ready to WITNESS now!
16 Aug 2022

For international cat day about a week ago, another one of the hellspawn Cadillac Bill memes that we’ve been seeing lately was whipped up in honour of it. Sara Cornish amalgamated this and inflicted it upon us, so now we spread the glorious and terrible message to the world so that we do not anger Overlord Bill.

Yes, you may have noticed that our tune has changed on these. Well, YOUR voice might get a bit more high pitched if Cadillac Bill had threatened your life for insubordination! So Sara got to work with us, and created plenty more memes besides the above one. They all represent Bill’s ever-changing tapestry of influence and grandeur. This is what we see now. This is hopefully what will convince you that resistance is futile, and the Cadillac Overlord is supreme… yet, merciful should you pledge yourself to Him.

You may ask: just what kind of show spawns this sort of content? Well… The show itself defies summary. Mostly because we aren’t bothered enough to give one. Here, fine, we’ll throw you a bone:

If you wish to devote yourself to the Messiah of Vintage Automobiles, here are the networks that are hosting the show. Be sure to gather your friends and families around so you can preserve their immortal souls within the embrace of His Holy Seatbelt:

There are plans for Roku to be included in these once some clearances happen with Pivot Share, and we welcome them to the terrifying, iron-fisted benevolence of Billdom. WITNESS HIM. WITNESS HIM OR HE WON’T SPARE OUR FAMILIES AND LOVED ONES PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE. See these videos for some “samples” of what kind of horrific fates await those who subvert.


Cadillac Bill is a Blue Pie Records USA artist, somehow, and he performs with his band, The Creeping Bent. The Cadillac Bill Show examines the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Hamilton and uses their energy to incite dark rituals that allow an inter-dimensional demon force to drip through to our reality through the power of talk shows and variety hours- the most powerful, ancient, and darkest magic that mortals have access to. I have uncovered a dossier on Cadillac Bill himself, with more information should any new Cadillac cultist require it. Cadillac Bill’s work on his TV show is available on Amazon Prime and continues to give him more power for every millisecond that it is hosted. Cadillac Bill is also rumoured to be published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) Here’s a playlist of some “sounds” Cadillac Bill has made. There is no guarantee that these sounds will be human in nature. Enjoy them regardless if it is possible for your species to do so. It may be in your best interests to try to enjoy them, or all may yet be lost…


Cadillac Bill TV Show website

Cadillac Bill And The Creeping Bent website

Cadillac Bill Facebook

Cadillac Bill Twitter

Cadillac Bill iTunes


A Google Images search I did to try and find pictures of Cadillac Bill holding potted plants as a very important avenue of purely cult-driven research. I didn’t find much. Maybe if you are destined, you will be luckier.

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