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Move over B.O.B and Mac Miller there's a new guitar playing rapper in town! His name is Jeffrey Pope.
24 Feb 2016

This Young Australian artist is spicing up the urban music scene with his EP ‘Live it up’ getting all kinds of attention. Pope’s very unique music style combines elements of, dance music and rap, along side some clear rock influences; all that combined with a few clever lyrics makes for quite a catchy sound that will have you on your feet singing along in no time.

The EP ‘Live it up’ was produced by Hitimpulse, Noble Taylor, Damien Reilly and Danny Saber. Danny Saber has been involved with production for a number of big international artists including, Madonna, Busta Rhymes and Korn!

Here’s a small taste of Jeffrey’s EP with the song ‘Up All Night’ check it out and give your ears a treat!

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