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Mr 2Kay Releases New Video ‘Water Side Boy’ After Surviving Auto Crash
23 Jun 2012

West African singer, Mr 2Kay, was on Friday, April 27, involved in an accident with his crew members on his way home from the “Iyanya VS Mr. 2kay and friends” show held at the University of Port Harcourt.

After the concert and during the early hours, 28th April 2012, Mr 2kay and his crew members survived a car accident which caused their vehicle to somersault 6 times.

Mr 2kay sustained some severe injuries to his left arm. Recovering from the accident Mr 2Kay says “The whole incident was like a movie to me, the shock still grips me sometimes and am grateful to God that I am grateful to God for sparing my life”.

Mr 2Kay has gone straight back to work, releasing the anticipated music video ‘Water Side Boy’ from his home town, Port Harcourt in Nigeria, West Africa. The video was shot where Mr 2kay grew up and gained most of his experiences. ‘Water Side Boy’ gave Mr 2kay major endorsement from the street as he showed them that he was once part of the ghetto.

Check out the video on Youtube here.

A cross between Sean Paul and Chris Brown, Mr 2Kay’s music is described as ‘AfroPop’.

You can also preview or purcahse “Waterside Boy” on iTunes.

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