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Mr. Funky becomes Youtube sensation!
04 May 2013

In 2011 Mr. Funky released the song ‘Your Love Is’ with Z-Records. After all his hard work, he is finally being recognized for the talented musician he is! As of 19th March, the video clip reached 2.34 Million views on YouTube.

As if that isn’t sweet enough, his latest track ‘Believe’ hit a staggering 82, 000 views only seven days after being released. Mr. Funky, who, behind his moniker, is Isaac Roosevelt, is absolutely thrilled with the love he is receiving, and we are too!

Mr Funk…..that is Mr Funky P was also featured on the sound track for Dealing with Desitny, a film that Blue Pie’s very own Mr Damien Reilly worked with the production team to produce the sound track. Check out the film here

Here is his hot clip and we hope you can help us take the tally to 3,000,000 ASAP. You can see both clips below. ENJOY !

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