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Mr. Funky P from The Voice of Germany is taking requests!
22 Nov 2013

Mr Funky P (aka Isaac Roosevelt) has been blowing the judges and audience away with his talented tunes and vocals of funk on the hit show The Voice of Germany’. And now he is excited to announce that he has been requested for interviews on TV and radio about his experience on The Voice. Mr Funky P. would love to hear from you, as he even said himself, “This would be amazing! I have so much to tell and love telling it.”

For those that are interested in getting to know the talented Mr Funky P and his incredible journey on The Voice of Germany, please refer to the respective contacts below:


Agentur fuer Public Relations

Soemmeringstr. 75 / 50823 Koeln

For TV:

Alexander Hermes –

Billie Duenschede –

And for Print Media and Radio:

Felicitas Onnen –

For more info on the talented Mr. Funky P, check out his official website here.

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