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Naked Truth has made it into the Top 20 N1M Charts
07 Apr 2014

As of 7th April, two new tracks from UK post-modern punk band, The Naked Truth, have climbed the ranks and made it into the Top 20 N1M charts!!

“Tormented World” is currently ranked #6 while the second track “Nothing Left” is #8 for Metal in the United States, Georgia.

Keep in mind the Top 20 N1M Charts are constantly updating in real time, so don’t be shy and follow the link the their website to get the latest rankings!

Naked Truth have been working hard lately, and with live performance at Pot Festival coming up very soon later this month, we cannot wait for what’s in stall for the rest of the year from these guys.

For more Naked Truth follow the link to their official website:

Information on Pot Festival at:

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