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Nedjon Appearing Life at the Revival Assembly
20 Oct 2018

Nedjon has gathered a large following in Nigeria in recent years both for his musical talent with tracks such as Honey and You Be God, and for his acting, appearing in the Nigerian television drama E.V.E. But his popularity and success are also thanks in part to his reputation as a man of God.

In vein with that, Nedjon is appearing alongside other faithful Nigerian musicians such as Essence, Ighosa, and Ty Classical, as well as the Apostle Anselm Madubuko and AMD. Emmy Madubuko at the Revival Assembly at Lekki Church in Lagos this month, in a massive all-star concert celebrating their faith in their Lord.


The line-up is massive, and the show is set to be a once in a lifetime event for the faithful who can make it. The show starts at 3pm on the 28th of October at the Revival Assembly TLC, Off Oba Akinloye Drive Opposite ELEGANZA and after the Chevron Toll gate.

More information can be found on Nedjon’s Facebook page, and in the attached image. Nedjon’s twitter is also linked, be sure to follow both for updates on Nedjon.


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