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New album and Tour for RVQ!
12 Apr 2011

RVQ’s 10-track album, Monkey Minders, is currently being mixed this week at Camperdown!

Upon completion of the mix, the album will be mastered and ready for release for all you eager RVQ fans.

Included on the album are two singles that will be remixed twice; once with an instrumental mix, and the other, a breakdown mix.

RVQ are also currently working on a music video for their first up-tempo single Bohemian, stay in tune for more details about the release of this video.

The regional album launch is confirmed for Saturday 1 October, at the Victoria Hotel Orange with three support artists, to be confirmed in the coming months.

The Sydney album launch date is confirmed for Saturday 8 October, with the venue not yet confirmed.

The beat goes on!

Stay in tune for more updates from RVQ Band!

To find out more, head to their website:

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