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New performance video for Pete Hawkes and his charming track “Song for Aleksandra.”
18 Dec 2015

Pete Hawkes is no stranger to the art of magnificent folk music, and it’s easy to see how his music has become so legendary amongst many within the music scene. His most recent track, “Song for Aleksandra” has reached new highs, being released as a new and intimate performance video!

Born in 1965, Pete Hawkes grew up in the pristine coastal area of Lake Macquarie in Newcastle. From an early age he acquired a unique passion for the art of music, spending his time learning to play the guitar. His early influences can be traced back to the classic blues legends such as Robert Johnson and the English guitarist, Davey Graham Hawkes. Hawkes intently listened to their music on record, learning their legendary techniques. This combination allowed Pete Hawkes to be knowledgeable in the composition folk music as well as Celtic and Jazz styles, quickly making a name for himself as an accomplished folk musician.

“Song for Aleksandra” is a melodic folk acoustic piece which primarily utilises the DADGAD form. When Hawkes plays the song, it highlights his raw talent as a folk musician and his effortless technique. The song is wonderfully crafted, making it easy for the listener to fall in love with “Song for Aleksandra”.

If you want to check out this exclusive performance video, check out the mesmerising video here. If you want to take a look at Pete Hawkes’ latest news, you can also check out the links below.

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