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New releases from Concerthouse Music!
25 Aug 2012

We are excited to announce some new releases from our partner Canadian record label, Concerthouse Music.

Artists, ‘Trees Die Standing’ and ‘Kim Germaine’ have presented us with some new ear candy to enjoy!

Spanish band, Trees Die Standing, have added their own unique spin on the alternative rock genre in their new album “2012 Update the World,” which was released last month.

The album features 15 raw and honest tracks, including “Update the World,” “Out of Control,” and “Live to Die.”

Already, the band has gained positive feedback on their new album, which is now available to the world to purchase on iTunes!

But that’s not all! Also, make sure you listen to Kim Germaine’s new EP; a 5-track masterpiece that gives off a classic rock vibe with Kim’s powerhouse voice as a standout characteristic.

The EP features tracks, including “Queen of Hearts,” “Out of the Blue,” and “From Pain”. Check it out on iTunes today!

To keep up with all of the latest Concerthouse Music news, visit their website!

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