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New Suzanna Lubrano to be released in 2012!
05 Dec 2011

New Suzanna Lubrano songs will be released within the next few weeks. The song ‘Ca Bu Para’ is a great new track, the first song of Suzanna’s upcoming Latin pop album. A fine song for those of you dancing Kizomba Love or Zouk.

Another release will be ‘Try’, a single track produced with Surinam stars Kenny B & Benaissa. Yesterday, Suzanna was in the studio to do her part of the song!

Suzanna will also have some English language dance tracks on the new album. The songs ‘Loving you forever’ and ‘Don’t go changing’ are both great dance tracks, and were recently recorded in Los Angeles. The songs feature Sabrina Fustaire on backing vocals. The song ” Don’t Go Changing” was written by Sabrina and Chris Garcia and also produced by Chris Garcia. The song “Loving You Forever” was a written by Sabrina Fustaire, Suzanna, Chris Garcia and our very own Damien Reilly. Damien also assisted Chris with the production and arrangement duties. These are the first two songs the will be featured from the upcoming new Suzanna Lubrano dance album. The album will be out on or before June 2010 and available on iTunes exclusively to the world.

For more information on Suzanna Lubrano, check out her website at

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