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New threshing Ground EP!
19 Sep 2011

Threshing Ground has just completed their new EP “Last Beer in Bondi”. We have been listening to it in the Blue Pie office and it is AMAZING! We cannot wait for the world to hear it.

But that’s not all: They are also just about to shoot a video for their current release “I’m in Love with a Girl Called Vinyl” and we will let you know as soon as it is finished! “I’m in Love with a girl called Vinyl” is a quirky punky pop tune that describes an encounter between the author and a skaterpunk who nearly crashed into him on King Street. Later, when he saw her kissing her girlfriend at the Courthouse Pub, the theme was set.

Threshing Ground was formed in 2010 by Gary Marsden AKA Barry Island of legendary British punk rock band The Tights. The name “Threshing Ground” comes from a biblical reference to hitting rock bottom. That low we all sometimes achieve through breakups or bereavement. This raw state is the mood that the band tries to achieve in its songs.

To find out more go HERE.

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