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New Videos for the Jacques Pellarin Trio
31 May 2011

Jacques Pellarin Trio has a whopping 16 videos of their last concert from their most recent tour in March 2011 of Zurich and its surrounding towns and cities.

A couple of videos have already been uploaded onto YouTube, by the creator and recorder of said videos. You can find Jacques Pellarin Trio’s Blush on YouTube today, along with various other compositions.

You can also watch two other compositions of the Trio’s here, that are close to their heart.

Jacques Pellarin Trio – Chacun Son Monde (album: Karenita 2010)

Jacques Pellarin Trio – A Perdre Haleine’ (album: Sound of Philadelphia 2009)


The trio is joined by the talented Diego Fano on saxophone and Yann Pajean with his many and varied percussion instruments.

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