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New video's from Kara Mack's show at Fais Do Do!
12 Jul 2012

Kara Mack fans out there, we have a real treat for you! We are excited to announce that Kara has uploaded two new video clips from her show last week at Fais Do Do!

Putting on a soulful and heart-warming performance, Kara performed “I Can’t Make You Love Me” as well as her brand new track “Enjoy This”, which will feature on her upcoming album “A Negroe’s Spiritual” later this year.

Kara has a real on-stage presence with a shining personality and talent that brings an emotional depth to her music. If you ever get the opportunity, we strongly suggest that you don’t miss out on a Kara Mack show!

Make sure you check out her captivating performances of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and “Enjoy This” on You Tube!

For more information and Kara Mack updates, visit her website and Facebook page.


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