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Newspaper stardom for Ordior! Our partner company, Bon Scott, and Wolfmother make Daily Telegraph headlines!
12 Apr 2021

The local Daily Telegraph for Bowral recently printed a story on our partner company Ordior, which you can read in full here if you’re a subscriber to their paper. Alternatively, you could click here to read and download a PDF. Either way, Ordior are seeing stars lately! First Blue Pie and Ordior both get the rights to support a Late Night Tales album, then after that, Ordior and Blue Pie’s clients’ music was chosen to be represented multiple times on both local and online radio, THEN Ordior teamed up and started a business partnership with Gavin Parry of Fairphonic, and now this!

As Adelaide Lang, writer of the article, puts it:

“Ordior is the Moss Vale company making noise in the recording industry by recovering lost and unclaimed artist royalties for music giants like Bon Scott and Wolfmother.”

It’s not uncommon for artists to lose around 20% of their revenue, so to be supporting legendary musicians of AC/DC fame and beyond is a dream come true every day the members of Ordior work. With well over 60 ways of identifying lost royalties for over 350 labels and artists is a monumental task that demands Ordior’s staff chip away at it, shift by shift, person by person. This is the job of an army sometimes. To have their efforts acknowledged by the Telegraph is beyond amazing and everyone in the Ordior office is thrilled.

Ordior’s pursuit of the NSW State Government Regional Job Creation Fund was also mentioned. Should they reach this goal, they’ll be hammering publicity like never before, and hopefully spreading opportunity all across the Highlands along with us here at Blue Pie! We’d like to extend our special thanks to Adelaide Lang and the Telegraph for featuring Ordior, and for Chair of the Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce Steve Horton’s kind comments featured in the article. Here’s to a brighter future and to a great 2021 full of music and the rewards that artists deserve for their talent and time spent!

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