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01 Nov 2007

Pete Hawkes tour dates are all announced. London, Whtby, Paris, and Netherlands for November. The next tour is now set for India from the 15th of Jan ’08 till the 10th of Feb ’08 plus 5 days for a video shoot and press meetings. The dates include the following cities: Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Calcutta.

There are 15 international artists performing in 15 major venues across India. The Tour will have W.O.A Records artists including World Music Star & W.O.A founder Oliver Sean, Native American Lifetime Achievement Award Winner & Grammy nominee Tiger Tiger, Irelands No. 1 Gypsy Jazz Band Blue Jar, Acclaimed Spanish Singer / Songwriter Cuca Moreno, Annie Minogue Band, Russia’s No.1 metal band ANJ, Indigo Son, Electronica King Damien Simon from Buffalo New York and various other International artists from across the world (USA, UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Colombia, Australia, Dominican Republic, France, Slovenia, Russia and more being added). Complete artiste list to be updated on the 11th of December. The tour is supported by Vh1, MTV India, Zee Music, NDTV and various publications assuring great media coverage including spots/ interviews with the artistes on Radio and TV.

A compilation CD will be produced by W.O.A Records comprising of all the artists on this tour. The compilation will be sold along the tour, all across India at Planet M’s, Music Worlds and various other stores and Internationally across 3000 Record Stores including Tower Records around the world by the worlds biggest CD distributor SUPER-D and Online on iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, Sony Tunes etc. One Music Video will also be shot comprising of all the artistes singing a song co-composed by all these 15 awesome artists. The video will be featured on all the top music channels across the world Including MTV India, MTV Asia, MTV, MTV Europe, VH1, Sky/Granada TV Networks, Trace TV, Zee Music, Channel V besides others. The entire event will be co-coordinated by W.O.A Events. The venues sourced out are some of India’s best known live performance clubs. AMAZING GIG for Pete Hawkes.

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