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01 Nov 2008

We are pleased to announce that Blue Pie has now passed the magical half a million downloads across our artists and labels for the past 24 months. Sales are increasing rapidly for 2008 and 2009 looks set to bring more and more chart success. Our artists are now becoming more visible on the charts. Global chart appearances and success for our artists locally and internationally is starting to be a regular part of the Blue Pie news. With many of artists currently charting in over 20 countries around the world more and more fans are finding out about just how good the sound of music is from “ the Blue Pie” . As Damien Reilly – CEO of Blue Pie says: “ It has been amazing for the label and our artists to hit this milestone. The bulk of the sales have been generated in 2008. This is a great sign that independent labels like Blue Pie will drive the way of the future for the world of digital music. In the past consumers would never have been able to discover new artists and their unique style and sound like we have with Blue Pie. The digital markets have now made this all possible. The long tail of the Internet and cheaper delivery mechanisms to get our music into the ears of the consumers and actual generate sales and revenue for our artists is now a reality. A good example of this has been our YOU TUBE strategy with providing fans access to our video library. We have now had over 2,500,000 views across the 3 sites that we have live. This along with the 600 + retail sites that we now service mean that our labels, artists and content owners are now gaining more and more exposure for their music and its only going to grow more and more. “ Click here to read the full press release.

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