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Oksana Milles blushes with delight with her new video !!!
15 Aug 2014

Oksana Milles has released her new video for her hot radio friendly song ” Blush “. You can check out the video below on YouTube:


Oksana Milles (Real name Oksana Lozhnikova) is a 29-year-old Russian-born singer on the rise whose fresh, unique brand of contemporary pop is gaining a lot of attention in the music scene. Originally from the city of Belyov, Oksana later chose to move to Moscow (where she currently resides) in order to fulfill her dreams of being a singer. Thanks to a position in a travel agency, she took a trip to Barcelona in 2009, where she met French electronica producer Minuit De Lacroix and songwriter Stanislav Kucher

The two of them have helped to give rise to much of the songs on Oksana’s upcoming debut release and the single ” BLUSH “.  As Oksana says,

“Music is my life. I sing always, I sing everywhere. I want to give to people them positivity, a smile, to help them to rejoice and to become stronger.”


Oksana Milles has now formed a partnership with the Blue Pie Productions team and is signed to one of the world’s leading independent labels, Blue Pie Records. BLUSH is the 1st single from her new album to be promoted to radio globally. For more information on Oksana, please visit her official website or Blue Pie Records 

For all radio and media enquiries you can download a copy of her BIO below.

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