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Olga merch by We Admire!
09 Aug 2012

80’s Pop/Blues artist Olga has teamed up with T-Shirt company We Admire to create some beautiful t-shirt designs to complement her latest release, ‘Whatever You Want.’ 

You can view and purchase the three t-shirt designs here!
We Admire also wrote a blog post about Olga’s ‘Whatever You Want’ Check out the post here!
Olga also recently released a new music video for the song ‘It Is What It Is’, be sure to give it a watch on YouTube today!
Well done to the people that made the video possible, and for reaching over 150,000 views, including Declan Ryan, Allison, Hilder, Kendell Joseph, Christine Fitzpatrick, Cook Allender, Chad Vanko, Alex Wilson, Jarid Clinkenbeard, Michelle Kowalski, Wes Bryant, Mikey Gaidos, Jason Rhein, Ian Lindl, Susanne Trosclair, Matthew Byrne, Kevin Wilson, Aura Fedora, Tiffany Vollmer, Mike Clark and Tiffany Clark.
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