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One week left till 'This Is Lizzard' release new album!
26 Nov 2011

With one week to go, This is lizzard are getting ultra excited about the release of the new EP, ‘The Orcas Sessions’. This transcontinental production in collaboration with third member of the band, Orcas Island local and awesome multi-instrumentalist, Gene Nery, will be available next week!!

After working 13 years on their debut album ‘Won’t Give Up’, they decided not to wait too long with a second. Actually, the idea to record these songs was a spontaneous one. They were rehearsing for a gig in Gene’s living room last Summer when they said to each other: “We should’ve recorded that!” So they got together and did just that, and more. Gene sent additional recordings over the internet to Roland, who put it all together, then mixed and mastered the whole thing in Stolk Music Studio.

They just can’t wait to share it with you!

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