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Over 30 brand new volumes of Afropop! Afropop Grooves has something for everyone!
27 Jul 2020

Blue Pie Records have got a hot new compilation series called “Afropop Grooves” coming straight at you from Spotify! This blockbuster collection features some of the hottest names in Afropop today!

We have over 30 volumes out now, so there is something in there for eveyone. These bangers are on all major online retailers, everything from Spotify to Amazon to even Youtube!

It seems we’ve all got a bit of bingeing to do in order to keep up with the sheer volume of this content! But don’t be fooled – there’s both quality and quantity here. Just take a brief look and you’re sure to see for yourself even at a glance! Go on, pick a number, any random number from 1-30. (And even beyond 30!) That volume of Afropop Grooves is gonna hit the spot in some way shape or form!

You can find more simply by searching Afropop Grooves on your platform of choice. What are you waiting for? Get grooving to these modern classics! Featured artists like BlackFaceNaija and Sarkodie, as well as other artists who are just begging to be properly discovered, await you…

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