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Password has the password to your playlists! Just let him in, it's quicker.
13 Feb 2020

Password knows how to get into people’s playlists! Turns out it’s like inputting a code to a door lock: you just gotta produce some of the best music on the planet, and you’ll be granted access to playlists across the world, who would have thought? Well, late 2019 and early 2020 added a few new tools to Password’s kit, and we’re pretty sure that his albums “Password = Password” and “Ùwése” will be granting him access to all kinds of new playlists. It’ll be hard to resist adding these, that’s for sure.

Password = Password is a fun and clever title, joking about basic computer passwords. Any readers actually have their passwords set as just “Password”? Raise your hands, come on, own up. It’s okay, we won’t tell. Besides, you can always say you named your password after your favourite artist. You can probably get away with it then. Password = Password is his last album of 2019, followed by Ùwése as his first single of 2020! Generally Password releases his songs as singles, so it’s refreshing to have a fully-fledged album, especially one with one of our favourite hits, Amaghimo!

Password = Password is an album featuring many other songs that were once singles, but are now all in one convenient and inspired collection. Thought and care was put into choosing the songs, and the mood throughout the album shifts in such a way that it couldn’t have been thrown together in a random order. Love was put into this album.

But if you’re after something newer, try his latest single!

Ùwése is a song of gratitude told through an adaptation of the Bini language, a deep language with a rich cultural heritage. Even though it’s only one song as opposed to an album full of stellar hits, we’re hoping it’s enough to tide you over until Password’s next big release! At least, we’re hoping it’ll tide us over. We can’t get enough. From Ùwése to Amaghimo to the famous Gobe, Password has everything you could ever want in an artist.

And if you happen to agree with that statement, and want to express how much you agree to the world, now you can! Password merch, among merch for other artists, is available in the Blue Pie cottoncart store! These new releases are very exciting, so we understand if you have a lot of hype you need to express. Don’t worry, we get it.

All this along with a Valentine’s party going down today makes for a very exciting time in the life of the artist known as Password. At the end of the day, we know that Password has the passwords to our hearts too – we love his music, and in the spirit of Valentine’s day, we love him.

password valentine's

If you like Password, also be sure to treat yourself to this compilation of hits from Africa- of course, ‘Gobe’ is included!

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