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Paul Bailey makes it on the ‘Rhythmic Lounge’
23 Aug 2013

Our hats go off to English born musician, Paul Bailey, who made it into the summer 2013 issue of the music magazine, ‘The Rhythmic Lounge’. Not only has Bailey earned a full-page article in the magazine, but he has also received a lot of glowing praises and reviews for his music.

The author of the article, Aaron Wilson, ensured his readers were well aware of Paul Bailey’s incredible musical talent, describing him as a “genuine musical connoisseur”. Wilson continues his praise for Bailey throughout the article:

“The combination of his soulful performances, dynamic writing, and persistent marketing makes for a very solid standing as an artist.”

“Not at all afraid to pour out his passion upon his spicy R&B funk tracks, P. Bailey has become known for soul and sultry he almost dips you in once exposed to his works.”

“P.Bailey is a proven model for endurance in the indie realm of music. His display of honest art and tenacious marketing places him in the right places at the right times for his voice to be heard by spectators of a spectrum as broad as his vocal range.”

Well done Paul Bailey for earning credit that’s well deserved!

For those that want to read more, you can read the full article in the link below.

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