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Peter and his Farm Animal friends are ready to dance and play!
10 Mar 2016

Peter’s Animal Farm, a fun, musical way to educate young kids, is making a comeback and revealing new ways to interact with children today! The popular collection of children’s music, lyrics and old fashioned story telling has just launched a new wave of social media accounts. Providing a new way to access the educational media, parents and children will soon discover the friendly characters from the Farm including ‘Daisy the Duck,’ ‘Horse Next Door’ and ‘Piggy Wiggy.’

Authors Peter and David have made this long-running and popular children’s music come to life. Through their dreams of creating poetry they set out to educate younger generations about the land and nature of Australia through colourful animal characters and catchy tunes.

From his very first album, Peter, inspired by his very own Farm in the Caboolture Shire in Queensland has grown into five other albums, covering new landscapes such as ‘The Outback’ and ‘Under the Sea.’ Now joining different media platforms, Peter’s Animal Farm is set to become a children’s classic animation in the near future!

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