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Peter's Farm Kids Ranking for Children's Music comes in the top 27,000 kids brands for the world in Chart Metrics !
30 May 2024

Ranked at an impressive 27,000 internationally across all streaming platforms for Children’s Music in Chart Metrics , Peters Farm Kids is steadily gaining momentum. Blue Pie Records celebrates our role in bringing the delightful suite of songs and videos by Peter Harmon and David Avery to children worldwide.

Crafted to ignite the imaginations of young minds, these compilations delve into the enchanting worlds of farm animals, sea creatures, and the Australian outback. Monthly, over 2,640 listeners tune into Peter’s Farm channel on Spotify, indulging in a collection of 1000’s songs and compilation albums. Meanwhile, on YouTube, 225 captivating videos entertain children across the globe.

Kingdom of Letters
Of these, the internationally acclaimed ‘Kingdom of Letters’ series, guiding children through the alphabet, has emerged as a favorite among non-English speaking audiences, doubling up as an educational tool.

Explore the magic of The Kingdom of Letters here:

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