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09 Jul 2009

Pete’s Farm is a masterpiece of Children’s music, lyrics and gold old fashioned storytelling. Peter Harmon a blues guitarist, writer, songwriter and most of all a great poet was inspired by his own farm in the Caboolture Shire of Queensland and it was here that he began writing lyrics and collaborating with acclaimed musician David Avery. The pair combined their efforts and brought together compilations which are set to become ‘children’s classics’.

The other ventures in the anthology are every bit as entertaining and educational. Their five albums include: Under the Sea, A Journey Through the Deep Blue Seas, Trains, Boats & Planes, Tales of Transport and I Want to Be.

The collections are set to grow in the near future and we can look forward to seeing the visual journey appear on TV screens with animated episodes that take you through the Pete’s Farm journey from farm meadows to rolling waves and beyond!

The Blue Pie team is focused on securing license sales and commercializing all of Pete’s Farm titles throughout the world. The license team feel that Pete’s Farm have enough great tracks and stories to give the wiggles some real competition. We are honored to have Pete’s Farm on the label.

Pete’s Farm will take you on a journey and you’ll love every minute.

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