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Pillowfighter appearing on 'The Marty Riemer Show'!
06 Apr 2011

On the 7th of April at 9:30am pacific time (US), Joe Seely of Pillowfighter will be appearing on ‘The Marty Riemer Show’ Podcast/webcast in Seattle.

Marty Riemer is the program director AT KMTT 103.7fm ‘The Mountain’ in Seattle. This is great news for Joe and Margaret of Pillowfighter because KMTT 103.7 is one of the foremost AAA format radio stations in the USA. Just like us, Marty got hold of their record and he hasn’t put it down!

Joe will be on the show to shoot the breeze and play a couple of tunes from their debut album ‘Grow Slow with Me’.

The show will be streaming at the following site:

Don’t miss it!!!

For more information check out:

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