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Pillowfighter podcast hits the web!
12 Apr 2011

Check out this podcast from the Marty Reimer Show featuring one half of Pillowfighter’. Margaret stayed at home with the dogs in Brooklyn, whilst Joe headed to Seattle to perform for Marty Reimer, Kate Stewart and all of their lucky listeners. Listen here!

Joe Seely brought out his guitar and his incredible sense of humour to discuss various topics from the whereabouts of John Waite to a discussion of what to do in an Earthquake.

Joe then performed his beautiful song ‘Love Runs Lazy’ from Pillowfighters’ album “Grow Slow With Me”. Joe’s seemingly effortless performance struck all the right notes, further rendering ‘Pillowfighter’ as an alternative-folk force that is not to be reckoned with. 

After a call from a lady stuck in a love triangle tossing up the positives and negatives of dating an older man, Joe pulled out his guitar again to perform his song ‘Frozen Sparrows’, a song that has become a favourite in the Blue Pie office. As the first line states “oh, icicles, the moon’s a scythe, to sheave pieces of day” it is clear that the lyrics of ‘Frozen Sparrows’ resemble elegant poetry that can only be described as gorgeous. Couple those lyrics with the tender plucking of an acoustic guitar and it is not so difficult to understand why ‘Pillowfighter’ are so endearing.

Grow Slow With Me is now available on Itunes.

For more information on Pillowfighter check out their website

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