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Pillowfighter signs to Blue Pie
08 Feb 2011

Blue Pie is extremely excited to announce the signing of ‘Pillowfighter’.

‘Pillowfighter’ are Joe Seely and Margaret White and they are the NEW indie darlings of Blue Pie. Like ‘a bubble bath for your ears’, these guys will keep you cozy when you’re rolling in the hay.

Definitely check them out if you are a fan of M. Ward, Emmylou Harris, Iron & Wine, Paul Simon and Sufjan Stevens.

Keep your eyes peeled because they are bound to cause a stir in 2011. They may just join the likes of She & Him and Jenny & Johnny as the coolest new guy/girl ensemble out of the US.

They have a new video for their awesome track ‘Love Runs Lazy’ and it will be live on the Blue Pie Youtube page shortly.

For more information check them out in our Artist Directory or check out their

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