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Planet Blue Pictures has what you need! Let them provide some variety to your nights with brand new shows!
20 Nov 2014

Looking for some new shows? Bored of the TV? Love Music? Looking for some variety to spice up your nights? Blue Pie understands and has got you covered!

Planet Blue Pictures provides music video, film, short film, digital video content distribution, syndication and license services to our artists, labels and content partners. We service over 150 music shows, 35 major digital retailers, telecommunications and mobile companies globally.

Check out Planet Blue Pictures for all the latest episodes of your favourite shows and movies. There’s heaps of variety that will appeal to all your tastes! Planet Blue Pictures has got you covered providing a one stop shop for all your viewing needs, ranging from all the latest episodes of ‘The Cadallac Bill Show’ to the iconic australian surf film ‘Barnacles and Stripes’.

Planet Blue Pictures is a MUST for anyone looking for great shows with amazing music that is sure to inject some much needed variety into your life!

Check out the Planet Blue Website for more information on new releases and downloads!

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