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PLG Music Group join Blue Pie's label roster!
29 Sep 2012

Blue Pie is excited to announce that PLG Music Group has joined the Blue Pie label roster! PLG Music Group is mostly known for its record label ‘House Candy Music’ which was developed and run by DJ’s andis completely dedicated to House music in all of its forms, including electronic, chill, garage, European and Latin.

Established in 2005, and soon after broke into divisions to provide better support for the music styles. In 2012 the label and its divisions have taken a new turn and have merged back together to step into a major marketing process that will propel the corporation to national and international status. PLG has produced over 300 tracks, and over 30 remixes.

PLG’s studios provide full scale production, publishing, and World Wide Marketing. The goal of the label is to imprint the message of positive music to the World. The label provides artists, musicians and producers with facilities that allow for effective production, promotion and creativity in the music field.

We are looking forward to all future endeavours with this well established and successful company.

For more information on PLG Music Group, visit their Official Website. 

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