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Pope gets the AIRWAVES to hum and move with his new single " She Moves "
09 May 2012

Jeffrey Popes new single is being released to radio globally on the AIR PLAY DIRECT platform. Check out his new Air Play Direct site and have a listen to what radio is already calling a ” Summary Country Pop SMash ”


Newcastle- born Jeffrey Pope is currently in the process of making a music video for his hit single ‘She Moves’, from his debut EP Lake View Avenue , which can be viewed on AirPlay Direct. The video clip is expected to be released 1st July.

This hot new track, produced by Damien Reilly and Lindsay Osborne, includes session players Sahra and Angelica Greening on backing vocals and harmonies.

Pope’s musical talents were first discovered by his father; who was a musician that performed around the Newcastle pub circuit. His fellow soldiers in the Australian Army in East Timor also noticed his music genius. This is when Pope realised that maybe he could pursue his music further.

Working hard in the studio, Pope created his first EP Lake View Avenue. With sounds similar to Sugar Ray, Good Charlotte and Ball Park Music, Pope has created a fusion of pop, 90s grunge and rock.

The hot new single, ‘She Moves’ sings about a blossoming romance and young love accompanied by a catchy tune and a feel good beat. You can listen to Pope’s single on Airplay direct, social network sites, or directly on

Jeffrey Pope brings his rich melodic pop and blends and true and authentic Australian feel to his sound that has echoes of Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls in his own Dylanesque way. This is Jeffrey Pope and he keeps it real and home grown.

For all the latest news remember to check out Pope’s site at of Face Book him and make him ya Friend …… everyone needs a Pope as a friend !


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