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PPL UK goes hunting all that do not respect artists rights. Newport nightspot owner receives suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £20,000 for illegally playing music !
27 Nov 2015

PPLUK work with thousands of businesses across the UK to make sure that they are properly licensed for playing recorded music. Unfortunately, in spite of their efforts in raising awareness, some businesses do not obtain a license. If PPL can’t otherwise resolve matters they are not afraid to stand up for your rights and, as a last resort, bring legal proceedings for copyright infringement.

PPL had to issue legal proceedings against, Mr John Fletcher, the owner of The Birdcage, a popular bar in Newport, for persistently failing to comply with the legal requirement for a PPL music licence. He continued to play music despite being repeatedly contacted and given ample opportunity to rectify the situation, even following a court order requiring him to stop playing music. Upon breaching that first order, he was ordered by the High Court to pay PPL £20,000 (£6,000 in damages and £14,000 in court costs), and faces a prison sentence of 28 days if the venue continues to play recorded music without a license.

Blue Pie Productions has been a member of PPL UK for over 8 years and all our artists and label rights are protected via this agreement. For more information on PPL UK visit their website at


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