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Prime USA Records and their artist "Special Request" crank up the My Space love
15 Oct 2010

Prime USA Records and their artist ” Special Request” AKA ” (Rey T” crank up the My Space love. Ray has now got over 17 Millions views on their myspace page and 11 Million plays on Special Request Has over 150 Thousand fans between My Space and Headliner and their rapidly growing database.

The secret to their success has been to focus on a few key areas of the market and work under the direction of Damien Reilly and the Blue Pie marketing team + being able to harness the power of the internet and their fan base. They are a real .Com success story.

As Damien Reilly says ” Rey is a non stop powerhouse of good music, we have been working the social network side of the house now for a while and this combined with good life shows and cross pollinating radio marketing has lead to the rapid jump and increase in sales. Rey is not necessarily a main stream charting act but with these numbers he will be soon hitting into the Billboard Charts in the low 100’s. This has been a great success story for Prime USA Records and Blue Pie.”

Special Request and Rey T has played along side some of the best artist in the music business both past and Present such as: Michael Jackson, James Brown, The Whispers, Ray Charles, Manhattan transfer, Paul Anka, John Tesh, Ohio Player, Midnite Star, Atlantic Star, After Seven, The Ballads, and Lenny Williams. With more success on and chart action on Jango, Skope Radio, numerous Internet Radio Stations, Rey is now working on more main stream commercial success.

For more information on Rey T you can check out his My Space at

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