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Prince Gudda is the King at Blue Pie!
21 Oct 2011

Blue Pie Records is pleased to announce the addition of Prince Gudda to the artist roster. He has signed to Blue Pie for distribution for the world.

Born Anthony Johnson, Prince Gudda grew up as the first son of seven kids, and learned what it was to struggle early. His love of music began early. He sung as a child with a few of his family members in a group called Johnson and Christ. As he got older, his love for music grew and he became an active member of his middle school band. As he played in the band, he also began writing his first lyrical rhymes and realized that rapping could be a great outlet for him and began to write more proficiently as time went on. He worked here and there with various independent labels, and began to start recording in more professional studio settings. By the time he reached high school, he received a record deal with Powerhouzz Pro Entertainment, and was a gospel rapper with the group X-thuggs. The group played several big venues, from the Martin Luther King Parade, to Club Angels in Miami, Fl. However, as the success mounted, things began to so sour with his management, and the group slowly fell apart. He continued at that time to play in his high school band, playing tuba, snare, and other percussion instruments.

Fortunately, Prince Gudda never let his love for music die. He moved to Tallahassee, Fl, purchased his own recording equipment, and proceeded to start his own record label, Guttaville Music Entertainment LLC. He had been working hard, performing at various venues in Miami, Fl, such as Universe Cafe. He moved on to work as the head engineer at Nomad Recording Studio, and business affiliate with ASB Music Group.

Prince Gudda has several releases already in his career. He released a mixtape in September 2009 with a group called Daville, a single “So Alone”, the mixtape “Last Man Standing Vol. 1”, the single “Droppin Down”, the single “First 48” featuring No Limit Forever Records artist Oaktree and the debut album “First Stop 2 Fame”.

To find out more about Prince Gudda go HERE!

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