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Psalmaura stellar debut track!
06 Jun 2014

Psalmaura’s journey is set to begin! Releasing his debut track “No Other Name”, Psalmaura is ready to show the world his passionate and devout music.

Not only is this debut track of Psalmaura emotive and stimulating, it’s also reached number four in the Art of Music’s Inspirational music chart on the 1st of June! You can check it out here.


“No Other Name” is a graceful and beautifully lyrical song, taking traditional Christian music into a new sweetly sensuous atmosphere of faith and spirituality. The track commands sweet and smooth vocals over a simple melody that is powerful and moving.


The track has just been released on iTunes, and if this is anything to go by, the rest of the album promises to be just as rich and fulfilling of faith! With such an enthusiastic reaction to this single, and a stunning tune, the track is set to please everyone who listens to it!


The wonderful sounds of the melodic tune create a whimsical atmosphere and easy listening vibe. The sweet vocals are melodic and tranquil from the start and manage to manifest into to a powerful and thunderous sound that is evocative and emotional.


Psalmaura is a highly acclaimed musician within the contemporary Christian music scene. He started playing guitar at the age of 10, and has since interlaced both his religion and passion for music into the wonderful creation of music he produces for us today!


The key to his creativity is his faith for Christianity. Psalmaura is a generous and happy man, set to enlighten others through his music about the powers of faith and the blessings of Christianity.


He has his roots ingrained with gospel and choir singing, and has toured his music, using it to teach congregations about his compositions and also about the lord. He is now a prolific singer and songwriter, composing astounding tunes and arranging music is such a way that reinstates the powerful connecting one has to the Christian faith.


You can buy the track from iTunes here.


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