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Quality Music Is Making A Comeback!
09 Aug 2013

Miss the good ol’ music where there was no auto-tune and lyrics actually made sense? Well get excited Georgia, because your wish is about to be fulfilled on the 22nd August, by a new and upcoming concert series called ‘Beats and Lyrics’.

That’s right, the series ‘Beats and Lyrics’ plans on reviving quality music back to the ‘live’ scene by providing an opportunity for talented music artists, labels and producers to network in a venue of live entertainment. At the moment, the concert series is only focusing on the RnB and Hip-Hop genres, as a response to the growing need for diversity on the stage but who knows, they might add pop and other genres later down the track.

The concert series will also allow international and national artists from all varieties within the music industry (songwriters, singers, music producers etc) to introduce themselves and their musical ability to the public. An executive of the series confirms that the series will be determined to bring back the glory days of real talent and real music, “Our purpose is to be the catalyst for bringing change to the music industry, one artist at a time; It’s time we made a real dent with quality music. We are committed to bringing upscale artists who give you the full package of strong vocals and lyrical content.” Convinced yet? The team at Blue Pie and DJ Central can’t wait to hear what Georgia has in store for the music industry.

So if you’re up for some quality time with some quality music, head to the Liquid Ultra Lounge at 3400 Holcomb Bridge Road, Norcross in Georgia on the 22nd August. And maybe, just maybe, with enough attention, the rest of the United States will follow suit! Just think–no more future 2chainz, Nicki Minaj and other artists who rely on auto-tune and dirty, crude lyrics. Fingers crossed!

For more info on the concert series, check out their official website at:

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