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Rabbit Rocks: A Journey Through Hard Rock History
20 Feb 2024

Rabbit Rocks Website Launched

Blue Pie Records is pleased to announce the launch of the brand new Rabbit Rocks website, dedicated to the legendary rock band Rabbit and their early journey through the world of hard rock. The website is a celebration of Rabbit’s rich history, electrifying performances, and the indomitable spirit that fuelled their rise to national popularity.

A Blast from the Past: Rabbit’s Early Days with Dave Evans

The roots of Rabbit trace back to 1975 when the iconic Dave Evans, after parting ways with AC/DC, found his new home in Newcastle, just north of Sydney. Drawn to the up-and-coming hard rock outfit Rabbit, Dave was impressed by their confrontational stage presence. The band quickly soared to the top, becoming the number-one rock band in Newcastle and its surrounding areas.

Rabbit’s Rise to National Popularity

With a record deal from CBS Records, Rabbit recorded their first self-titled album, gaining initial success. The year 1976 witnessed the release of “Too Much Rock And Roll,” an album that catapulted them into national popularity. Their appearances on numerous television pop/rock shows solidified their status as one of Australia’s premier hard rock bands.

International Reach and Wild Adventures

“Too Much Rock And Roll” wasn’t just confined to Australia; it made its way to Japan, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Despite steady sales, Rabbit faced challenges as two members departed after an intense three-month Australian tour. The band soldiered on, releasing the single “Let Me,” but the magic was lost without the original members, leading to the band’s eventual fold in 1978.

Dave Evans & Thunder Down Under: A New Chapter

In 1984, Dave Evans rose again, forming Thunder Down Under. Signing with independent label Reaction Records, they released the album “Dave Evans & Thunder Down Under,” marking a new chapter in Dave’s musical journey.

Explore Rabbit’s Legacy on Our New Website

Now, with the launch of our new website, fans can delve into Rabbit’s classic rock history, from their rebellious beginnings to their international exploits. Check out the treasure trove of memories, exclusive content, and updates on Dave Evans and his musical endeavours.

Pay homage to Rabbit’s legacy and visit the new website and rock on with Rabbit!


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