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Radio Drive Hits New Jersey Charts......TWICE !
18 Jan 2013

Kevin Gullickson’s ‘Radio Drive’ made it on the charts for ‘Top Songsof 2012’ and ‘The Complete TopAlbums of 2012’, judged, complied and written by the very respectable American music journalist Gary Wein. Wein is a big fan of Gullickson’s work, with ‘motivational rock’ growing in fans and making a comeback on our charts, Wein himself a three-time winner of the Asbury Music Award for Top Music Journalist. He writes for and Jersey Arts, and serves as Program Director for , an online radio station spinning indie rock and roll.

Radio Drive has received mountains of praise from well-known industry legends!

In 2013 Damien Reilly and Kevin have started to collaborate on new material and a special reworking of one of Kevins cool songs.

As Damien says: ” We are re-working some of the tracks to get the tone and mix more mainstream license friendly. The material is great and will do well with the global film and TV production libraries we work with. The music business today is all about that license sale for a TV show or Film and now is the time to invest into production more than ever. Kevin is a great prolific writer and with the Blue Pie Production team we can cherry pick the most commercial tracks and get them to live rather than push albums of content that has limited space in the music world that has litterally millions of songs added to the general market every year. Its just great working with someone like Kevin that has no ego and knows how to get a song to a recordable state. The music and melody is always the key and he writes infectious songs that get under your skin. All you have to do is let the music in !”

Blue pie look forward to promoting ‘Radio Drive’s’ continued success in 2013! Learn more about Kevin’s latest project on the official site!

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