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Radio stations around the world giving us ‘The Twitch’
29 Nov 2011

The Twitch established in 2002 comprising of Four Canadian Seventies Hipsters have over 30 years of talent and experience between them. It has been a few years since the release of their last album ‘The Rising Sun’ back in 2008.

However it still continues to gain soundwave time all over the world just in the last month including: Bmrb FM, and Bailrigg FM in the UK, WBAR FM in New York, Gone Fishing For Blue Skies in Japan and even hitting the shores of Australia on 2NCR 92.9.

Just to keep you content The Twitch will be posting new live videos via their YouTube Channel within the next few weeks as well as heading to the studios to record some much-anticipated new material.

Find out more about The Twitch at

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