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Ras Sinai launches new video!
06 Jul 2012

We are excited to announce Ras Sinai has launched their new video clip for their song “Maktoob”, which is now available to watch on You Tube!

Their new album is soon to released on Global Groove Music for the world.

Discovered by Shachi Estler, Ras Sinai are truly one of the most unique sounding artists to arrive from the Middle East for a long time. It is expected that their new single will not be the only amazing track from their new album.

For over 20 years, musicians from all over the world have gathered at The Ras – a magical desert village located on the red sea shore at the foot of the Sinai mountains. These unique encounters gave birth to joyous musical happening that Ras Sinai dreamed to share with all.

Ras says “An acoustic room was dug into the side of the mountain, viewing the turquoise sea and the Sinai desert. In 2005, a call was let out, and the magical meeting of musicians begun. Spontaneously, with no schedule or budget, musicians gave themselves with a sheer sense of belonging.”

“Over 50 artists from various nations integrated their talents to create our first album. Living the simple life in bamboo huts on the waters edge, inspired by the powerful nature and the unique multi cultured interaction – a new musical color was born. This project would not have realised without all of our friends – musicians and listeners, storytellers and healers. Great love and deep gratitude to all of you for being part of The Ras Project.”

For more information on Ras you can check out their website.

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