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Raving Reviews for Melbourne's Sydonia!
29 Oct 2012

Melbourne’s hard rock group Sydonia has been receiving widespread media attention recently following the release of their 5-track EP “Waiting For Words That Don’t Exist” and live performances in Melbourne and Sydney. The band’s new EP has been reviewed and featured on both The AU Review and ToneDeaf.

Described in the AU Review as “hugely talented musicians who aren’t afraid to incorporate and diversify their music”, the band’s album has been given a huge thumbs-up with memorable tracks that will make you “want to listen to it again”. Sharon Brookes of ToneDeaf described the album as work “worth waiting for” and the band as “one talented unit”.

The band had also received positive feedback from their shows at The Annandale in Sydney and The Prague in Melbourne on their Words That Don’t Exist Tour. At their gig at The Prague, Sydonia came out “with all guns blazing to deliver to the crowd what they had been waiting for” and in Sydney, they delivered “an energetic and flawless set” where “there wasn’t a still body on the floor”. You can read more on Screaming Silence and the AU Review.

Blue Pie is also pleased to announce that the band recently got featured on Triple J in the Home and Hosed New Australian Music section! Every day the station posts a program playlist which features the newest music from around the country. On October 24, Sydonia’s big hit “TL” was featured on the playlist.

Finally, an interview with Sydonia’s bassist/vocalist Adam Murray has been featured on From the Pit’s tumblr blog. The interview gives viewers the chance to read about how the band got together, who the band loves to tour with and their major influences among other things. It’s definitely a worthy read!

Be sure to check out Sydonia’s Official Website for upcoming gigs and releases, along with their Facebook Fan Page!

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