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Ray Vanderby and rise of Prog Rock band RVQ!
07 Mar 2011

Australian singer song-writer and keyboardist, Ray Vanderby is shaking things up in 2011 and has now put together an exciting new line-up! His brand spanking new line-up brings together five musicians who have now formed a progressive rock band called RVQ. (SO ROCK!)

RVQ are already setting new fans alight with their powerful live sounds, with performances around Central West NSW at various pubs and clubs drawing in the crowds.

Starting at the young age of 12 Vanderby was soon known to be the “youngest semi-professional keyboard player in Australia” in 1965. Touring and recording with Marcia Hines and Stevie Wright are only some of fantastic opportunities that came his way.

The 1990’s saw the rise of his first band called 93-D. He won the WROC/BMG National Song Writing Competition in 1991 with his song “Suspicious” which later that year reached the Top 100 after being added to commercial radio rotations throughout Australia. In the new millennium Ray formed a new band, Cosmic Nomads, who released 3 albums to international acclaimed reviews around 2003 – 2008 in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Vanderby knows no boundaries when it comes to genres, being the prolific composer that he is. Since 2000, after spending 20 years in Sydney he spent 3 years in Melbourne and composed and released 3 Blues albums through the Black Market Music label in Melbourne, which culminated in appearances at the Thredbo, Australian and Bluestone Blues Festivals. In 2009 Ray moved back to where he grew up in Orange NSW, (although he was born in Holland) and has released 4 Jazz albums through his own Majique Music record label. He soon attracted some highly talented local musicians Dale Tuckey-horns/ewi (ex EQD), Brendan White-guitar, Ebbo Brown-drums (ex EQD) and Henry Bialowas-bass.

RVQ are not some wimpy MOR band by not having a guitarist, because Vanderby is a hard hitting player from way back. The band is booked to go into the studio with Sydney engineer Richard Belkner at his Free Energy Device Studio at Camperdown in late March to begin recording a 9 track album (Vanderby’s 18th album) which will include a radio single to be released through Blue Pie Records later in 2011. 

The band is also booked to do a regional launch of the album at a live performance on Saturday 1st October at John Carter’s 4 on the 4loor new artist showcase Victoria Hotel Orange. Some Sydney dates will be forthcoming shortly. For more information check out the band’s website here.

Rock on, Ray!


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